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Danny Pittman
Sarpy County Assessor

Jackie Morehead
Chief Deputy Assessor

Sarpy County Assessor
1210 Golden Gate Drive
Papillion, NE 68046-2894

Office is open to the public
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Phone Number
(402) 593-2122

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The assessor's office is located on the upper level of the Sarpy County Administration Building at 1210 Golden Gate Drive in Papillion.

Assessor's Duties

The county assessor shall have general supervision over and direction of the assessment of all property in his or her county.  In addition to the other duties provided by the law, the county assessor shall:

(1)  Annually revise the real property assessment for the correction of errors;

(2)  When a parcel has been assessed and thereafter part or parts are transferred to a different ownership, set off and apportion to each it's just and equitable portion of the assessment.

(3)  Obey all rules and regulations made under Chapter 77 and the instructions and orders sent out by the Tax Commissioner and the Tax Equalization and Review Commission;

(4)  Examine the records in the office of the register of deeds and county clerk for the purpose of ascertaining whether the property described in producing mineral leases, contracts, and bills of sale, have been fully and correctly listed and add to the assessment roll any property which has been omitted;

(5)  Prepare the assessment roll as defined in section 77-129 and described in section 77-1303; and

(6)  Beginning January 1, 2014, in any county with a population of at least one hundred fifty thousand inhabitants according to the most recent federal decennial census, provide, between January 15 and March 1 of each year, the opportunity to real property owners to meet in person with the county assessor or the county assessor's designated representative. During such meetings, the county assessor shall provide a basis for the property valuation contained in the notice of preliminary valuation provided pursuant to section 77-1301 and accept any information the property owner provides relevant to the property value.

Notice of Preliminary Valuation

The Preliminary Valuations will be displayed on the Sarpy County web site beginning January 15.  Please review your preliminary valuation listed on www.sarpy.com/sarpyproperty and contact the Assessor's office, (402) 593-2122, prior to March 1 should you feel the valuation does not reflect market value.  Preliminary valuation review does not require a protest filing. The property owner still retains the right to file a protest on the property; however, the time period for filing is June 1 - 30.

Notice of Valuation Change

On or before June 1, in addition to the notice of preliminary valuation published pursuant to section 77-1301, the county assessor shall notify the owner of record as of May 20 of every item of real property which has been assessed at a value different than in the previous year.  Such notice shall be given by first-class mail addressed to such owner's last-known address.  It shall identify the item of real property and state the old and new valuation, the date convening of the county board of equalization, and the dates for filing a protest.

Are you concerned with your property value?  We would like the opportunity to talk with you!  Please contact us by telephone, e-mail, or visit our office.


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