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Sarpy County Nebraska

Welcome to the Sarpy County "Board of Equalization" (BOE) web pages.  Please take a moment to visit the different links to familiarize yourself with the hearing process. The "Property Search" link will enable you to review your valuation on-line as well as look at other comparable properties within Sarpy County.

After you have reviewed the process and information, we recommend contacting the Assessor's office to review your valuation at 593-2122. If you then choose to file an official protest, please complete the protest Form 422 (available June 1 through June 30) and submit to the County Clerk's office in PERSON or POSTMARKED on or before June 30th no later than 4:45 PM. If the 30th falls on a holiday or weekend, the form will be due the next business day.

PROTESTS CAN BE FILED IN THE COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE FROM JUNE 1 TO JUNE 30. (Protest forms postmarked or received before June 1 will be returned to sender.)