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Every child needs a safe
and permanent home!

       A CASA volunteer can help. When a child has experienced abuse or neglect, they become a part of a system that is complex and overworked. A CASA volunteer can be the one adult who knows the child well enough to make informed recommendations to the Judge, and be a consistent and caring advocate for that child. Sarpy County CASA Program needs your help to ensure that every Sarpy County child who has been abused and neglected has a screened, trained volunteer advocate to speak up on their behalf.

Sarpy County CASA Program               
1210 Golden Gate Drive 
Papillion, NE 68046-2845                              

Office is open
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.

Phone Number
(402) 593-2259





•Become a Volunteer and Support the CASA Program!

The Separate Juvenile Court of Sarpy County is currently dealing with over 200 cases of child abuse and neglect. These are local families who are going through some very tough times, struggling with addictions, domestic violence and mental illness, and children who are suffering at the hands of the very people they should be able to trust the most, their parents.

CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates – screened, trained volunteers from the community who are appointed by a Juvenile Court Judge to advocate on a one-to-one basis for a child who has been a victim of abuse or neglect.

CASA Volunteers are ordinary people who do extraordinary work, spending time with children, talking to parents, monitoring services and advocating for the right of every child to a safe and permanent home, .

After undergoing 30 hours of certified training, volunteers are sworn-in as officers of the Court.

CASA Volunteers:                                                          

- get to know the children in a family
- talk to parents and family members
- attend court hearings
- work with attorneys
- meet with case-managers and therapists
- review records
- visit schools and talk to teachers

and after gathering information about the children they submit a written report to the Judge making recommendations regarding the child’s best interests. The CASA volunteer continues to advocate for the child and monitors progress, remaining involved and attending all court hearings, until the child is placed in a safe and permanent home, and the case is closed.   The CASA Volunteer always advocates for what is best for the child.

To continue the work, the Sarpy County CASA Program needs dedicated volunteers and generous donors!

Please consider helping us, so that we can advocate for every abused and neglected child in Sarpy County.

Each one is important to us. Each one needs a voice in court. All of them are precious. You can help.