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Vehicle Titles

What are the fees for a Nebraska title?

$10.00 TITLE fee, $7.00 LIEN notation (signed security agreement showing name of lienholder and vehicle used as collateral required), $14.00 Duplicate title (or spoiled), $1.00 Notary fee for duplicate application.

What vehicles need a federal odometer statement?

Vehicles that are 10 model years old or newer. Currently 2003 to present.  The odometer statement is part of the title document.

My vehicle has an out-of-state title, does it need to be inspected in order to register it?

Yes, unless you are non-resident military (then see below).

I am moving in from another state, what do I need to obtain Nebraska plates?

Original out-of-state title, proof of insurance, vehicle inspection ticket, and security agreement (if lien).

I am a non-resident (military) and have another state title and registration, do I need to change to a Nebraska title?

No, you will need proof of registration, insurance, Military ID, and the last end-of-month L.E.S. statement so that we can register your non-resident vehicle.

What does the vehicle inspection entail?

Only the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is checked to ensure that it matches the title. The VIN is also checked for stolen vehicles.

What is the fee for an inspection?


Does Nebraska require a notary to transfer title?

No, not since July 16, 1994.

Are the vehicle inspectors open the same hours as your office?

No, they close fifteen minutes earlier than we do.

Is vehicle inspection in the same building as the County Treasurer?

Yes, it is located on the southeast side of the main courthouse about forty feet east of the Treasuer's Office..  There is VIN parking on the very east side of the building.

My title reads "OR/AND OR", do both of us have to sign-off the title?

Yes, Nebraska requires signatures of ALL persons listed as owners to transfer ownership.

What is required to note a lien?

A signed copy of the security agreement or contract between buyer and lien holder and the $7.00 fee.

I have paid off my vehicle and the bank has sent me the title, do I need to do anything with the County Treasurer's office?

Yes, the original title must be brought in (or mailed in) to the County Treasurer's office for release. The title can be taken to any County Treasurer's office in the state for release of the lien. We will need to see the release on the face of the title or a notarized lien release from the lender.  There is no fee for lien release.

Do I need to change my title when I move from one county in Nebraska to another?

No, Nebraska titles are valid in any county in the state.

Can I pay for title and plates with my credit card?

No. Cash, local check, or money orders will be accepted.

I have signed-off a title on the wrong line, can I cross it out and sign on the correct line?

No, erasures or alterations VOID a Nebraska title. A spoiled (duplicate) must be issued.

Can I get a duplicate title from another county?

Yes, beginning January 2, 2003 you can obtain a duplicate Nebraska title in any county.

I have a lien on my out-of-state title, how can I register my vehicle?

We need the name and address of your lien holder and the vehicle registration or you can fill out the request at our web page Customer Request For Out of State Title. If you provide us with the information we will send for the original title and security agreement.  If you use the Customer Request For Out of State Title form, then you mail it directly to your lien holder.  Upon receipt of this paperwork you will be send a post card notifying you that the vehicle must be inspected. The Nebraska title will be issued and sent back to the lien holder. A licensing copy will be available for you to obtain your plates. There is a $17.00 title/lien notation fee.

Can my lien holder fax a copy of my title to issue the new Nebraska title?

No, the original documents are needed to issue a new Nebraska title.

I changed my name as a result of marriage, divorce, or etc. Do I need to change my title or registration?

Change as a result of divorce; the party receiving the vehicle should bring a copy of the divorce settlement and the old title and obtain a new title and registration.

If due to marriage it is up to the individual. However, to change the name on the registration requires that the title be changed also. Bring the old title and certified marriage license to obtain a new title and registration. If name is changed for another legal reason, bring in the certifying document for our review.

One of the owners on the vehicle is deceased. Do I need to change the title or registration?

That is up to the remaining owner(s). However, to change the registration the title must be changed. Bring in the old title and death certificate to change the title and registration.

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