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Communications Technologist






Communications Technologist


The Communications Technologist performs a variety of routine and complex technical duties in support of Sarpy County’s public safety and public works radio and telecommunications systems.

The Communications Technologist works under the general direction of the Communications Agency Director.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Maintain the following systems to ensure high quality service to the various public safety and public works system users:

- Sarpy County Motorola 800 MHz simulcast trunked radio infrastructure

- Motorola Centracom telecommunications dispatch system

- Motorola Centralink E911 Communications system

- Point to point digital microwave radio system

- fire/rescue paging system

- Zetron administrative alphanumeric paging system and interfaces

- 800 MHz Radio Network Controller and mobile data system structure

- Courthouse and annexes intrusion alarm system interface

- Any additional public safety radio or telecommunication system which may be acquired by the County

* Provide on-call availability to respond to critical outages or malfunctions that may occur at any hour of the day or night.

* Monitor system performance statistics, respond to system alarms, adhere to operational procedures, and resolve causes of system outages.

* Provide technical support and assistance to other public safety entities to fulfill duties and rights of Interlocal Agreements.

* Maintain records of maintenance performed.

* Create and maintain documentation of wiring and systems configuration additions and deletions.

* Maintain a complete technical library.

* Other essential duties that may arise, and as may be assigned by the Communications Director.

* Assist E-911 center supervisor and training manager with technical advice regarding the operational characteristics of the various communications systems.