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Sarpy County Nebraska


The Fire/Rescue dispatcher is responsible for dispatching fire and/or rescue equipment for the Fire Departments which service Sarpy County:

*Bellevue Volunteer Fire Department which consists of 4 stations within their jurisdiction:

District #1: 211 W. 22nd Ave (Just north of Mission Ave/Washington St)

District #2: 2107 Fairview St (Just north of E. Avery Rd/N. Galvin Rd)

District #3: 9400 S. 36th St (Just north of 36th St/Cornhusker Rd)

District #4: 13501 S. 25th St (Just south of 25th St/Blackhawk Dr)

*Gretna Volunteer Fire Department has 1 station which is located at 11175 S. 204th St (just north of 204th St/Highway 370)

*LaVista Volunteer Fire Department which has it's station at 8110 Parkview Blvd (just east of 84th Street/Parkview Blvd)

*Papillion Fire Department is located at 146 N. Adams Street (just west of 2nd St/84th St)

They are made up of a partially paid staff which is on-duty at the Fire Department 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, and a partial volunteer staff.

*Springfield Volunteer Fire Department’s station is at 170 N. 3rd St (just north of 3rd St/Main St).

At any one time, it is possible for the dispatcher to have more than 1 department out on a call. The dispatcher is required to keep track of "run times" for each call, so when a piece of fire and/or rescue equipment is out assisting someone, the dispatcher logs their enroute time, arrival time, and all other necessary information, including their location if they transport someone to a hospital.