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History of 911

The first implementation of 911 was in Haleyville, Alabama in January 1968. Back then, the town had a  population of about 4,500 and was serviced by the Alabama Telephone Company . Weeks before, Congress had declared that 911 should be the national emergency number. A debate broke out in Haleyville when trying to decide where to route the calls – to the police station? the fire department? the local hospital? Officials finally settled on the Haleyville Police Department and a special red telephone.

On February 16, 1968, the first 911 call was made by Alabama Speaker of the House, Rankin Fite, to Tom Bevill, a U.S. Representative where they exchanged greetings. The technology of 911 has changed over time, but Haleyville’s call proved the concept worked.

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In June of 1987, Sarpy County became the first agency within the State of Nebraska to receive the Enhanced 911 (E-911) technology. The enhanced system provides us with the subscriber’s address, telephone number, first and last name of the subscriber, and which law enforcement/fire and rescue department provides coverage for the location.

In August of 2000, the Communications Center went live on a new Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system designed by Printrak International, a Motorola Company. This CAD is connected to Douglas County’s system and allows for better communication between all agencies in Sarpy and Douglas County.

Sarpy County is dedicated to providing the best possible service to it’s responders and it’s citizens. To further enhance our capabilities, we are currently under-going an upgrade to our Law Records Management System which is used by all law agencies in the County and allows the sharing of information between law enforcement. Along with this, we are also in the beginning stages of upgrading our CAD system which will allow our dispatchers to perform their job more efficiently and effectively.

Along with the technological upgrades, Sarpy County is also consistent with the advancement of personnel. Before the consolidation of the Sarpy County and the Bellevue 911 Centers, each department had a minimum staffing requirement of, at times, 2 dispatchers. Now our minimum is 6 though we often have up to 8 dispatchers on duty at one time.