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The Public Safety Information Technology Manager and the PC Software Specialists work to perform a variety of training and support for the 911 Center.  Together they determine the needs and upgrades  to the software as well as develop and implement new computer programs.

The PSIT Manager works under the direction of the Information Systems Director and the Software Specialists work under the direction of the PSIT Manager.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Upgrades existing PC software and operating systems, assess future   needs for upgrades

* Analysis of existing systems and rewriting/converting, development and implementation to new PC software systems

* Troubleshoot and diagnosis of PC software/hardware problems

* Maintain high level of knowledge of current and emerging versions of PC software

* Supports users network accounts and files

* Ensure timely deployment of all laptops, desktops, and palm units

* Management of software licenses

* Provide telephone-based support to end-users

* Troubleshoot complex problems related to hardware, operating systems, software, and network set-up

* Enter and maintain accurate descriptions for all communications requesting support

* Perform other duties as assigned