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Law Enforcement Info

This position is responsible for running the NCIC/NCIS computer for all officers on duty. When a law enforcement officer/deputy stops a vehicle, they will usually ask the driver for their driver’s license and the registration for the vehicle. This information is then run through the information channel dispatcher who will then access the NCIC/NCIS computer system to determine if you are a wanted person, have a valid driver’s license, if the vehicle is stolen, etc. The dispatcher then relays this information back to the officer running the request.

Besides running driver’s licenses and registrations, this dispatcher also enters, cancels, and runs checks on : articles/securities/ guns/license plates/vehicles/ boats/missing persons/wanted persons and unidentified bodies. Almost anything with a unique serial number may be entered into the NCIC system – including animals!

A common misconception is that you must wait 24 hours before you can report someone as missing. In Sarpy County, you can call as soon as you believe someone is missing. We will then enter that person into the system as soon as the officer/deputy has finished taking the report from you.