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The Lead Operator performs as the shift supervisor for any assigned shift within the Communications Center. They provide supervision of subordinate personnel, to include the assignment and review of work. The Lead prepares input to performance evaluations, receives and dispatches routine/emergency telephone calls, radio communications to and from citizens, patrol units, other law enforcement, fire and EMS or any other public safety agency. The Lead Operator acts as a shift supervisor in dispatching personnel and equipment in emergencies using established standard operating guidelines and protocols and operates a variety of communications equipment, telephone system, receives emergency phone calls and provides information to the public.

The Lead works under the supervision of the Communications Supervisor and supervises a shift of approximately 6-8 line dispatchers and a Senior Operator.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

* Ensures the shift is adequately staffed. Relieve personnel for lunch and allowed breaks

* Ensure all employees are in proper uniform and complete daily duty roster

* Frequently monitors (one-on-one) each dispatcher to insure each is doing his/her job correctly and with the utmost professionalism

* Maintain certifications in EMD, CPR, and NCIC. Works in the capacity of a line dispatcher by answering phones, dispatching law enforcement, fire and EMS personnel, provides pre-arrival medical instructions, and operates the teletype computer

* Delegates duties to shift personnel as needed – for example:

- entering warrants into NCIC/NCIS

- upkeep of specific records or manuals

- calling employees for overtime

* Acts as a Communications Training Officer imparting knowledge to new employees by use of an organized training schedule or curriculum

* In the event of equipment failure, contacts maintenance personnel and directs specific personnel on what to do

* Investigate complaints against dispatchers by reviewing details. Makes recommendations for disciplinary actions if necessary

* Meets with representatives from fire and law enforcement agencies to develop, review and update policies and procedures

* Have expert level of knowledge of standard operating guidelines

* Responsible for shift scheduling to assure adequate staffing due to employee absence

* Check the work of NCIC/NCIS entries from other dispatchers and sign off on completed paperwork

* Assigns duties and examines work for conformance to policies and procedures and ensures the highest quality of professional service to the public