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Our training program is based on the "San Jose Model – Field Training and Evaluation Program" developed by Glenn Kaminsky. It was first implemented in the Communications Center while we were a part of the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office. Over the years, the program has grown from a two-month training period to what we have today – one year. As technology advances, our population increases, and the need for police and fire/rescue grows, we too, must enhance the knowledge of our dispatchers.

Encouraging and teaching new dispatch recruits is mostly done during on-the-job training while "on the floor" of the Comm Center. A trainee is assigned to a variety of Communications Training Officers (CTO) to be exposed to different styles, shifts (day and night), and to get to know all personnel.

In order for a dispatcher to earn the rank of "Trainer", there are qualifications he/she must have:

* Be a member of the Communications Center for a minimum of 2 years with a clean work record.

* Be nominated by a supervisor who has knowledge of their work history and performance.

* Complete the interview process conducted by the Communications Center Supervisor and the Training Manager.

When a dispatcher is promoted to a Lead Operator or Senior Operator, they are automatically part of the training staff.

The CTO’s job responsibilities include:





All of our Trainers must then complete a 24-hour national CTO course which is taught by APCO International.