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Sarpy County Landfill - 14414 So. 156th Street, Springfield, NE 68059

Hours of Operation:

6:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. : Monday - Saturday
Closed on Sunday
*The landfill is no longer open on Sunday.

Landfill Closed on these Holidays:
• New Years Day • Easter Sunday • Mothers Day (Sunday) • Memorial Day
• Independence Day • Labor Day • Thanksgiving Day • Christmas Day


General Info Office (Gate) Environmental Control Fax Machine
(402) 253-2134 (402) 253-2371 (402) 253-2461 (402) 253-2713

Sarpy/Douglas Special Waste Facility - Click Here to view site.

The Sarpy County Landfill is located at 156th and Fairview Road. Fairview Road is located just north of Springfield on Hwy 50. Click to See Map

Additional rates will be assessed for unusual loads and the decision of the gatekeeper and the landfill manager will be final. NO REFUNDS