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Additional Rates

Sarpy County
All Major Appliances
$5.00 each
$10.00 each
Air Conditioning Units
$25.00 each
$35.00 each
Tires (Passenger vehicles)
$5.00 each
$10.00 each
Tires (Truck & Farm vehicles)
$10.00 each
$20.00 each
Tires (Heavy Equipment)
Not Accepted
Not Accepted
Tree Stumps
$83.00 each
$207.00 each
Cement Columns
Not Accepted
Not Accepted
Trailers, campers, boats *
Concrete **

* - Tires and rims must be removed at transfer station.
** - Concrete pieces cannot be larger than a basketball.

Additional rates will be assessed for unusual loads and the decision of the gatekeeper and the Environment Services Manager will be final. NO REFUNDS!!!