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SID Auditors

Information you have previously obtained at our office is now available online. 

The following links will provide you with 10 month and 12 month summaries when the are available. (Files are in ZIP format).

End of month running balances:  SID running monthly balances

10 month summary is at  SID 10 MONTH SUMMARY as of Apr 30 2017 

SID 12 month summary is at sid 12 MONTH summary as of June 30 2017 

Processed and cashed warrants for the period commencing July 1, 2012:

SID processed, cashed and paid warrants  

This information is updated monthly, usually about the tenth of the month.

This link requires a user name and a password which will be provided via a verified email sent to treasbook@sarpy.com   You must provide your name, address, company or organization you represent, your phone number and your reason for wanting this information prior to receiving the user name and password. Further information may be required.


Registered warrants as of Apr 30, 2017: SID 10 month registered warrants as of Apr 30 2017

Registered warrants as of June 30, 2017: SID 12 month registered warrants as of June 30 2017


Other Auditors

School tax collections by month for the 12 months ending Aug 31, 2017 may be viewed at:  SCHOOL collections 12 months ending Aug 31 2017.xlsx

School uncollected taxes report as of August 31, 2017.     Schools uncollected district totals for year ending August 31, 2017

City tax collections by month for the 12 months ending Sept 30, 2017 may be viewed at: City Collections 12 months ending Sept 30 2017

City uncollected taxes report as of September 30, 2017.  Cities uncollected district totals Sept 30 2017

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