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The Communications Center is the contact for all law enforcement and/or fire and EMS agencies within Sarpy County.  Because we operate 24 hours a day, while most businesses are closed, it becomes imperative that we have emergency contact numbers for ALL businesses.  Even if your business is open 24 hours a day, if it is ever closed (for example, holidays), our agency needs to have phone numbers to contact a representative in case there is a problem or, if you have a situation at your business where the employee(s) are incapacitated, we need to know who to call.  

The information we receive is entered into our Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system and is only accessed when we need to get a hold of someone within your company.  These Emergency Contact Numbers are not released to anyone except law and/or fire personnel.  Many times it will be the dispatcher who will contact you and advise you of the nature of the emergency at your business.  

If you have questions regarding the use of this information, please contact the Assistant Director at 402-593-4397

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