Frequently Asked Questions

Sarpy County

What does my property valuation represent?

The market value of your property as of January 1st.


How does the Assessor arrive at this valuation?

By using mass appraisal techniques including the cost, income, and sales comparison approach to value.

How do I know when my property valuation has changed?

On or about June 1st of each year the Assessor's Office sends out Notices of Valuation Change to property owners who have had a CHANGE of value.


How is agriculture land valued?

The theory of valuation for agricultural or horticultural land is no different than any other property. It is the fair market value of the land. The difference lies in the assessment level. The Nebraska Constitution states that agricultural/horticultural land must be assessed at 75% of its fair market value.


How are taxes calculated?

Tax rates are established as a result of a budgetary process. Each governmental agency provides a budget that will cover the cost of maintaining their respective agency for a fiscal year. The budget requirements are totaled and that amount is divided by the total assessed value of property for that subdivision to establish the tax rate. The tax rate is stated as a percent or amount due for each $100 of assessed value.

The County Assessor is not responsible for establishing the tax rate.


Example of District 10001 (Bellevue) Tax Rate Breakdown

Fund # Fund Description Levy
1 COUNTY LEVY 0.332079
101 SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 1.098291
401 BELLEVUE 0.239679
402 BELLEVUE BOND 0.189732
1003 ED SERVICE UNIT 3 0.013420
  TOTAL 2.075211


What should I do if I do not agree with the valuation of my property?

First, contact the Assessor's office and explain your concern. If you are not satisfied with your value after visiting with the Assessor's office you must file a Property Valuation Protest with the Sarpy County Board of Equalization. Protest forms are available on-line, at any city hall office or the County Clerk's office. The Property Valuation Protest period is from June 1st through June 30th. This form, when completed, must be filed with the Sarpy County Board of Equalization at the office of the County Clerk no later than June 30th. The County Clerk's office will accept protest filings submitted in person or postmarked on or before June 30, no later than 4:45 PM. If June 30 falls on a weekend, forms will be due the next business day.

Your "requested valuation" of the protested property must be stated along with the basis for the request. Failure to state the reasons for the "requested valuation" may be grounds for dismissal of the protest. The legal description of the property and the value of the land and buildings must be included. The protest form must be signed and dated.