December 1999

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Ken Tex, Planning and Zoning Coordinator

December 15, 1999



Sarpy County Board of Commissioners
Sarpy County Courthouse
1210 Golden Gate Drive
Papillion, Nebraska 68046

To The Sarpy County Board of Commissioners:

The Sarpy County Planning Commission held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, December 15, 1999 in the County Board Room at the Sarpy County Courthouse, Papillion, Nebraska. Chair Meyer called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the following members present: Charles Buller, Charles Denny, Bill Leonard, John Johnson, Marcia Matthies, Dennis Nichols, Wendy Gottsch, Thomas Wees and Alan Wear. Absent at roll call was Joe Mangiamelli. Ken Tex, Sarpy County Planning and Zoning Coordinator, Tamra Walz, Sarpy County Deputy Attorney and Cindy Gilbert, Recording Secretary were also present.

 Chair Meyer asked for any reports from commissioners. There were none.


Chair Meyer asked for a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Johnson moved, seconded by Leonard to approve the agenda as submitted. Ballot: Ayes - Buller, Denny, Leonard, Johnson, Matthies, Nichols, Gottsch, Wees and Wear. Nays - none. Absent - Mangiamelli. Motion carried.

 As noted, Wear=s name was removed from an AYE vote, but left on the ABSTAIN vote concerning the letter drafted by Tamra Walz. Corrections were also made to include the vote for the agenda and minutes. Wees moved, seconded by Gottsch to approve the minutes of the November 17, 1999 meeting as corrected.. Ballot: Ayes - Buller, Denny, Leonard, Johnson, Matthies, Nichols, Gottsch, Wees and Wear. Nays - none. Absent - Mangiamelli. Abstain - none. Motion carried.

 1. Werner Enterprises, I-80 & Hwy 50, Omaha requests approval of a change of zone from BG to IL on the following described property, to wit: Lots 2, 3, 4 and 5, Prairie Corners II located in the NW1/4 of Sec 25, Twp 14N, Rng 11E of the 6th P.M., Sarpy County, Nebraska.

Ken Tex, in the absence of Tom Slobodnik of Werner Enterprises, explained the intent of Werner changing back to an IL zone from a BG zone because they want to put a reconditioning truck center there which a BG zone would not accommodate. They had wanted to go after the motel and retail market with the BG zone and have since decided not to.

Chair Meyer asked for any discussion and being none, Leonard moved, seconded by Buller to recommend approval of a change of zone as it complies with the Comprehensive Development Plan. Ballot: Ayes -

Buller, Denny, Leonard, Johnson, Matthies, Nichols, Gottsch, Wees and Wear. Nays - none. Absent - Mangiamelli. Abstain - none. Motion carried.

 2. Cindy Petersen (Van Buren Acres), 22655 Cary Street, Gretna, Nebraska requests approval of a special use permit to build and operate a private kennel on the following described property, to wit: Lot 1, Van Buren Acres, located in part of the SW1/4 of the NW1/4 of Sec 23, Twp 14N, Rng 10E of the 6th P.M., Sarpy County, Nebraska.

Joe Mangiamelli joined the other commission members at this time.

Representing Cindy Petersen was Chad Wreth from ITT Tech Technical Institute, offering to answer any questions concerning the site plan and plot plan that the commission had received. The question was answered in reference to the size of the buildings and the lot size.

Mike Munch, attorney for the Lemon family and the Muenster family, reiterated concerns about the noise level and the odor level. He also brought up the increased volume in traffic. Mr. Munch continued by stating that the plan submitted by the applicants had not been drawn to scale, failed to show where the landscaping was intended and to what degree. Pictures of the applicants property were displayed to show the current neglect of the fence line and the barns that already exist and suggested that if the property isn=t being maintained properly now, there should be no indication that it will be maintained when a kennel is erected. Mr. Munch closed by encouraging the commission to recommend denial of this application.

Mike Munch assured Joe Mangiamelli and the other commission members that the Van Buren property was not trespassed upon to obtain the photos.

Ken Harpenau questioned the validity of the applicant being able to raise dogs on this land since he had been turned down for a special use permit to raise animals on his land.

Ken Tex noted the difference between raising small domesticated animals (including dogs) and what Mr. Harpenau=s special use permit had requested.

Cindy Petersen explained that the fence is fine and that they must be careful about spraying with animals on the property. She further indicated that the kennel would be well maintained.

Wendy Gottsch asked where exactly on the property would the kennel be located as the plot plan showed no dimensions. Ms. Petersen stated that it would be approximately 300' from any property line.

Tom Wees suggested a new plot plan be drawn to scale and include where the landscaping intends to be.

Alan Wear questioned the fact that no Awritten@ operational plan had been submitted to the planning commission as was stated in their decision to table the application from the November meeting.

Cindy Petersen indicated that she did not understand just how detailed the commission had expected a plan to be.

After further discussion, Joe Mangiamelli moved, seconded by Wees that this application be tabled until the February 16 Planning Commission so that all the additional information requested could be gathered and distributed to the members of the commission prior to that meeting. Ballot: Ayes - Buller, Denny, Leonard, Johnson, Matthies, Mangiamelli, Nichols, Gottsch, Wees and Wear. Nays - none. Absent - none Abstain - none. Motion carried.



Tamra Walz referred to the draft letter that she had been asked to prepare indicating that a couple of minor changes in wording were changed.

After a brief discussion, the members of the planning commission thanked Tamra and asked her to send the letter to Mr. Iske as written.

Dennis Nichols noted that he had attended the NACO Planning Conference and recommended it to each of the other members saying that it was very informative. He also complimented Tamra Walz on her presentation. 

Douglas Robb is interested in splitting his three acre lot in half and was curious to see if the planning commission would consider his request. Ken Tex explained that although the comp plan provided for 2 to 3 acre lots in this area, the area was built before this comp plan took effect and that the other houses in the area were already on 1 to 2 acre lots.

The commission indicated that since that was the case, they could find no reason why the Robb=s shouldn=t go ahead and proceed with their plans.

Tim Schram, County Commissioner, reported that the County Board had met on Tuesday and had reappointed John Johnson, Wendy Gottsch and Alan Wear to three year terms on the planning commission. He also brought up the planning conference he attended and made reference to the need to clarify the State Statutes concerning greenbelt. He concluded by saying that he and the other board members appreciated the efforts of the planning commission and looked forward to working with them in the upcoming year.

Ken Tex addressed the commissioners on the NDEQ (Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality) saying that the conference he attended indicated that the DEQ=s stamp of approval doesn=t necessarily mean that everything is in order and that maybe we should consider hiring an outside consultant when considering applications that have been endorsed by the NDEQ.

It was suggested that a temporary agenda be drawn up for the next commission meeting to start discussing possible amendments to the Comprehensive Development Plan and the County Zoning Regulations.

There being no further business, Matthies moved, seconded by Wees to adjourn the meeting. By a unanimous oral vote, Chair Meyer declared the meeting was adjourned at 8:50 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,


Sarpy County Planning Commission
Don Meyer, Chairman
Cindy Gilbert, Recording Secretary