Nov 2002

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Ken Tex, Planning & Zoning Coordinator

November 20, 2002

Sarpy County Board of Commissioners
Sarpy County Courthouse
1210 Golden Gate Drive
Papillion, Nebraska 68046

To The Sarpy County Board of Commissioners:

The Sarpy County Planning Commission held its regular monthly meeting Wednesday, November 20, 2002 in the County Board Room at the Sarpy County Courthouse, Papillion, Nebraska. Chair Meyer called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. with the following members present: Pam Buethe, Don Fenster, Tom Hurley, Marcia Matthies, Don Meyer, Doug Whitfield and Alan Wear. Absent was Brenda Kunz, Wayne LaBart, Denny Nichols and Tom Wees. Tamra Madsen, Deputy County Attorney was present. Also present were Ken Tex, Planning & Building Coordinator and Cindy Gilbert, Recording Secretary.

Chair Meyer asked for commissioner reports. There were none.

Chair Meyer asked for a motion to approve the agenda as submitted. Buethe moved, seconded by Wear to approve the agenda as submitted. Ballot: Ayes - Buethe, Fenster, Hurley, Matthies, Wear and Whitfield. Nays - none. Abstain - none. Absent - Kunz, LaBart, Nichols and Wees. Motion carried.

Chair Meyer asked for a motion to approve the minutes of the October 16, 2002 meeting. Fenster moved, seconded by Buethe to approve the minutes as submitted. Ballot: Ayes - Buethe, Fenster, Hurley, Matthies and Wear. Nays - none. Abstain - Whitfield. Absent - Kunz, LaBart, Nichols and Wees. Motion carried.





1. Landco, Inc., 810 N. 96th Street, Omaha, requests approval of a Final Plat for a subdivision to be known as Springhill on the following described property, to wit: Being a platting of part of the SE1/4 of Sec 15, Twp 14N, Rng 11E of the 6th P.M., Sarpy County, Nebraska. (NW corner of 156th & Giles Road)

Cindy Gilbert read into record the letter from the City of LaVista regarding comments they had after reviewing a copy of the Final Plat for Phase I of Springhill.

John Fullenkamp introduced himself as the attorney for Landco, Inc. and explained that Phase I of Springhill would have 184 lots and that the entire subdivision of Springhill would be a 5 to 6 year project. In response to the City of LaVista, he stated that, typically, a subdivision that is done in phases usually starts each phase with ALot 1". He said the lots are still consistent with the Preliminary Plat. He also indicated that it was his understanding that shorter streets that have dead ends are not generally required to have temporary turn-arounds on them. Mr. Fullenkamp asked Ken Tex for confirmation of that statement.

Ken Tex stated that he felt it was a waste of money to make a turn-around on a street that you can clearly see ends. The point of temporary turn-arounds is to keep people from having to turn around in someone=s driveway when they don=t realize they are on a dead end.

Mr. Fullenkamp went on to say that street names had been added to the Final Plat, stated the Final Plat conformed to the Preliminary Plat and asked the Planning Commission for approval.

Pam Buethe asked how the Planning Department was keeping track of the correct percentages of lot width regulations.

Ken explained it was the overall subdivision that had to maintain the ordinance, not just each phase, but he compares each phase with the preliminary for number of lots and their sizes.

Don Meyer mentioned the temporary turn-around at the end of Cottonwood Street and thought maybe it was long enough to warrant a turn-around.

Mr. Tex didn=t think it was, but told the Planning Commission it was up to them.

Mr. Fullenkamp stated they would put one in if they were told to.

Tom Hurley asked if they still intended to help cost share on the improvements to 156th Street and Giles Road.

John Fullenkamp indicated they had already spoke to Tom Lynam and would be working on an interlocal agreement for that purpose.

Doug Whitfield questioned the Planning Commissions ability to Arequire@ them to put in turn-arounds.

Tamra Madsen stated that it would be a Arecommendation@ to the County Board, but they are allowed to make such requests.

Wear moved, seconded by Hurley to recommend approval of the Final Plat for Springhill (Phase 1) as long as they meet the County Surveyor=s request to participate in the improvements to 156th Street and Giles Road and put in sidewalks in the future, if needed, as it complies with the zoning ordinances. Ballot: Ayes - Buethe, Fenster, Hurley, Matthies, Wear and Whitfield. Nays - none. Abstain - none. Absent - Kunz, LaBart, Nichols and Wees. Motion carried.

2. Proposed amendment to Section 35 (Flood Plain District)of the Sarpy County Zoning Ordinances. (tabled from the September 18 meeting)

Ken Tex explained what part of the flood plain ordinance we are looking at changing and stated he was in hopes this would help the Papio-Missouri River NRD be able to send positive recommendations with some of the flood plain development permits we have been sending to them lately. Ken stated that Marlin Petermann interprets the ordinance differently than he does. He also indicated that he had spoke to Marlin Petermann concerning this matter and Mr. Petermann sent him the wording out of the State of Nebraska Minimum Standards. Mr. Petermann said the standard for Aappurtenant structures@ could be added to our ordinance.

Paul Woodward, Papio-Missouri River NRD, indicated they were opposed to the change in the regulation, noting they would like to see all buildings one foot above the base flood elevation. He also indicated that there seemed to be a misunderstanding with the NRD telling the Planning Department that the NRD would support that addition to the ordinance. He continued by telling the commissioners that, although it meets the minimum state standards, it does not mention Aappurtenant structures@ in the Model Ordinance.

Discussion between commissioners, Ken and Paul took place concerning what structures could go where based on our current ordinance and the proposed one.

Fenster moved, seconded by Matthies to recommend approval of the amendment to Section 35 (Flood Plain District), specifically changing the wording in Section as it still meets the State of Nebraska=s Minimum Standards for Flood Plain Development. Ballot: Ayes - Buethe, Fenster, Hurley, Matthies, Wear and Whitfield. Nays - none. Abstain - none. Absent - Kunz, LaBart, Nichols and Wees. Motion carried.


Tamra Madsen informed the commissioners of the zoning actions taken by the County Board at their last meeting indicating that all of them had been approved.

Ken Tex furthered the discussion on flood plain issues.


Being no further discussion, Buethe moved, seconded by Wear, to adjourn the meeting. By a unanimous oral vote, Chair Meyer declared the meeting adjourned at 8:35 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted,
Sarpy County Planning Commission
Don Meyer, Chair
Cindy Gilbert, Recording Secretary