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Sarpy County Nebraska

Adult Probation Division

Court ordered investigation and supervision of persons who are charged as an adult and are under the jurisdiction of the Sarpy County District or County Court.

                                                          Adult Supervisor
                                                               Kathy Long

East Annex
Directly East of the
Sarpy County Courthouse

1257 Golden Gate Dr, Suite 1600-2942
Papillion, NE 68046

(402) 593-2199

(402) 593-5927


Pre Sentence Investigation Officers

Senior Probation Officer 
                 Dan Nedrow
Probation Officer 
Matthew Benck
Probation Officer 
Kimber Kinstler

CBI Officers

Senior Officer
Jackie Flynn
Senior Officer
Sherri Gelvin
Senior Officer
Holly Collins
Senior Officer
Nicole Mercer
    Probation Officer
Anita Burke
             Treatment Officer                Julie Pesek

             Treatment Officer                      Michele Konen

CBR Officers

Probation Officer
Anthony Wiese
Probation Officer
Michaela Fearon


Assistant Probation Officer

Mike Pilmaier

Case Monitor

                                    Derek Harden

Support Staff

Cammy Warbelton
Elaine Frost
Brenda Swanson
Roxanne Miller
Teresa Udron
Drug Technicians
Dave Cote
Frank Jenson
Ekaterina Gilbertson
Marshall Bruland
David Hoeser (part-time)
Lynda Mathre (part-time)