Construction season kicks off in Sarpy County: Contacts you should know

Sarpy County

Construction season kicks off in Sarpy County: Contacts you should know

April 06, 2018

Spring is a busy time of year for road construction, and with several projects underway across the county, we want to make sure you know where to get information.

Nebraska Statute 23-1901 requires counties with a population above 150,000 have an elected County Engineer who is responsible for the following duties:

(a) Prepare all plans, specifications, and detail drawings for the use of the county in advertising and letting all contracts for the building and repair of bridges, culverts, and all public improvements upon the roads;

(b) Make estimates of the cost of all such contemplated public improvements, make estimates of all material required for such public improvements, inspect the material and have the same measured and ascertained, and report to the county board whether the same is in accordance with its requirements;

(c) Superintend the construction of all such public improvements and inspect and require that the same shall be done according to contract;

(d) Make estimates of the cost of all labor and material which shall be necessary for the construction of all bridges and improvements upon public highways, inspect all of the work and materials placed in any such public improvements, and make a report in writing to the county board with a statement in regard to whether the same comply with the plans, specifications, and detail drawings of the county board prepared for such work or improvements and under which the contract was let; and

(e) Have charge and general supervision of work or improvements authorized by the county board, inspect all materials, direct the work, and make a report of each piece of work to the county board.

If you have questions about road closures or any current or future road projects, contact Sarpy County Engineer Dennis Wilson at 402-537-6900.

You can report road issues (potholes, street sign damage, debris on road, etc.) online here:

More information is available on the Public Works website at