Traffic signal at 192nd Street and Highway 370 delayed

Sarpy County

Traffic signal at 192nd Street and Highway 370 delayed

August 20, 2018

In May, the Sarpy County Board of Commissioners awarded a bid to install traffic signals at the intersection of 192nd Street and Highway 370. The County’s goal was to have the signals installed before the start of the Gretna Public Schools’ school year.

We did not meet that goal.

An ordering issue has pushed the project’s completion date back several weeks, so we have shifted our efforts to installing temporary signals, and will work to get those in place as soon as possible.  The County Engineer's Office is responsible for installation of the temporary and permanent traffic signals.

The safety of all drivers along Highway 370 remains a priority for the Sarpy County Board, and the Board is working to implement procedures to prevent delays on future road projects.

If you have questions or concerns about current or future Sarpy County road projects, contact Sarpy County Engineer Dennis Wilson at 402-537-6900.