Liaisons & Committees

Sarpy County

2020 Sarpy County Board Liaison Representatives 

(January 7, 2020 to January 12, 2021)

Board Committees
Budget & Finance Gary Mixan & David Klug
Noxious Weeds All Commissioners
Negotiations All Commissioners
Legislation All Commissioners
Board of Corrections All Commissioners
Stadium Don Kelly & Gary Mixan
Leasing Corporation All Commissioners


Board Representatives
Human Services & Eastern Nebraska 6 County Human Services Governing Board Angi Burmeister
Sarpy County Economic Development Corporation David Klug
Metropolitan Area Planning Agency Board of Directors Jim Warren
Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee Don Kelly
Heartland Workforce Solution Committee Angi Burmeister
Sarpy/CASS Department of Health & Wellness Don Kelly
Nebraska Association of County Officials Gary Mixan
Merit Commission Gary Mixan
Wastewater Agency Don Kelly
Mental Health Services Angi Burmeister, Jim Warren



Visitors Committee

The Visitors Committee was formed in 1980 to support the County in providing guidance on the use of funds collected for Tourism. Resolution:  Book 15 Page 64


Member Representing Term Expires
Michelle Alexander Lodging (Hampton Inn - Bellevue)


Dave Compton County Resident 2022
Kyle Fisher County Resident 2021
Bob Hill Jr. Recreation (Tiburon Golf) 2020
Anthony Moody Lodging (Embassy Suites - La Vista) 2020
Jan Vala Attraction (Vala's Pumpkin Patch) 2022
Margaret White Recreation (Papio Fun Park) 2019


Updated: February 5, 2018

Safety Committee

The mission of the Sarpy County Safety Committee is to promote safe working conditions, practices and facilities through thorough accident investigations, training programs and communications with managmeent and employees.


Employee Representatives
Name Office / Employee Rep. Term Expiration
William Muldoon E-911 12/31/2020
Judy Shook Public Works-AFSCME 12/31/2021
Steve Wrigley Sheriff-FOP 12/31/2022
Scott Fryant Assessor-Employees' Assoc.  12/31/2020
Todd Gloe Highway-AFSCME 12/31/2020
Jeff Kreifels Sheriff-FOP 12/31/2021


Employer Representatives
Name Office Term Expiration
Rod Ripley Public Works 12/31/2021
George Funderburk Fleet 12/31/2021
Brian McCoy Facilities Management 12/31/2020
Linda Welles Human Resources 12/31/2020
Mari Davidson Treasurer 12/31/2021
Chris Vance County Board 12/31/2021

Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee

The mission of the Sarpy County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee is:

  1. protecting the integrity of the law; 
  2. controlling crime and delinquency and/or root out causes of crime; 
  3. improving the quality of justice; 
  4. improving the communication and planning of the criminal justice system and related programs; and 
  5. increasing community support for the criminal justice system.

This committee was created by Resolution:  2003-69


Name Representing Position
Tom Strigenz Public Defender Chair
Barbara Pousson Clerk of the County Court Vice-Chair
Jeff Davis Sarpy County Sheriff Voting Member
Dave Stuckenholtz Bellevue Police Voting Member
Lee Polikov Sarpy County Attorney Voting Member
Dan Hoins Sarpy County Administrator Voting Member
Angela Burmeister Sarpy County Commissioner Voting Member
Jodi York District 2 Probation Voting Member
Danielle Richler Pretrial Release Services Voting Member
Carol Kremer Clerk of the District Court Voting Member
Larry Gendler Juvenile Court Judge Voting Member
DJ Barcal LaVista Police Voting Member
Anne Ebsen Mental Health Board Voting Member
Tricia Freeman Sarpy County Attorney  
John Prince Sarpy County Information Systems  
Curtis Rainge Community Relations  
Tami Steensma Sarpy County Juvenile Justice Center  
Jean Brazda Sarpy County Victim Witness/Diversion Services  
Lisa Haire Sarpy County Grant Coordinator  
Scott Bovick Deputy County Administrator  
Michelle Andahl Sarpy County Elections/Jury Commissioner  
Megan Barrett Sarpy County Communications Manager  
Bernie Meyer Sarpy County Information Systems  
Jeff Jennings District 2 Probation  
Pat Boylan Public Defender  
Mark Walters Sarpy County Information Systems Director  
Brian Hanson Sarpy County Fiscal Administrator  
Bob Wood Bellevue Police Department  
Darwin Gushard Sarpy County Information Systems  
Bonnie Moore Sarpy County Chief Deputy Attorney  
Brian Richards Sarpy County Sheriff's Office  
Brian Zuger Sarpy County Commissioner  
Candi Marcantel Sarpy County CASA  
Chris Whitted Papillion Police Department  
Corey Habrock Papillion Police Department  
Dan Shukis Sarpy County Sheriff's Office  
Daniel Golda Sarpy County Sheriff's Office  
George Thompson District Court Judge  
Greg London Sarpy County Sheriff's Office  
Jennifer Ozturk Sarpy County Diversion  
John Hubbard Sarpy County Corrections Director  
Paula Creps Sarpy County CASA  
Pete Pirsch Sarpy County Attorney's Office  
Sharon Boehmer Sarpy County Human Services  
Stefanie Martinez District Court Judge  
Stu DeLaCastro Sarpy County Director of Administrative Services  
Todd Hutton County Court Judge, 2nd Judicial District  
Dean Loftus Sarpy County Mental Health Program Manager  

Veterans Service Committee

The Sarpy County Veterans Service Committee is created in accordance with NE State Statute 80-407. Committeemen are Veterans, representatives and members of the various Veteran service organizations in the County. They are appointed to the Committee by the County Commissioners to serve a five year term.

The Committee, in conjunction with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs, is required to appoint a County Veterans Service Officer, establish programs of assistance and approve procedures for carrying out all Veteran related programs.

The goal of the Committee is to meet in a public meeting two times a year to established policy and procedures for the administration and operations of the Sarpy County Veterans Service Office. In support of this policy, the Committee strives to provide professionally accredited Veteran advocates to ensure outstanding service to the Military Retirees, Veterans, their dependents and surviving dependents residing in Sarpy County.


Member Term Expires
James A. Costello 06/30/2021
Thomas George Kimmit 06/30/2023
Gregory Michael Bendon Sr. 06/30/2022
Russell Louis Zeeb 06/30/2024
James D. Pape 06/30/2020


Updated: January 9, 2019

Benefits Committee

The Benefits Committee was formed in 2016 by resolution  2016-256.


Member Representing
Andrea Gosnold-Parker County Attorney
Dan Hoins Administration
Scott Bovick Administration
Brian Hanson Fiscal
Deb Houghtaling County Clerk
Renee Lansman County Clerk
Linda Welles Human Resources
Kerri Plummer-Gelecki Human Resources
Kristine Vickery Human Resources
Mike Williams  Williams-Deras & Assoc.
Stephanie Dow  Williams-Deras & Assoc. 
Jackie Yost (alt. Sharee Jacobs) Sheriff
P.J. Biodrowski Information Systems 
Don Kelly County Commissioner
Jim Warren County Commissioner


Updated: February 5, 2018