Frequently Asked Questions

Sarpy County

What services do you offer?

  • Our office can help establish paternity and support orders.  We can also help enforce an existing order for child support, medical support, and spousal support.  Our office is not able to help with matter of parenting time or custody.  We’re also not able to help enforce any order for unreimbursed medical expenses, child care expenses, or extra-curricular activities.

Do I have to live in Sarpy County to use your services?

  • If you live in Sarpy County and are applying to establish a paternity and support order, then you are eligible for our services.  If you live in a different Nebraska county and want an order established, then you should contact the child support office in that county.  If you have a Nebraska order already in place and are applying for help in enforcing that order, then you should reach out to the county where that order was originally entered for services.  (If you are unsure of how to reach that county, please call 1-877-631-9973 and they can assist you.)  If your support order comes from another state, then you can either contact your local office or reach out to that state directly for assistance.

There’s been a change in who is providing health insurance for my child.  Does my order need to be changed?

  • Sarpy County now has a standing order that addresses one possible change in health insurance; a standing order means that it applies to any and all cases addressing child and support in Sarpy County.  The effect of this order is that if the person who is court-ordered to provide health insurance is doing so through their current spouse’s family plan, they are in compliance with the court order.
  • If one parent was ordered to provide health insurance, and now the other biological parent (or his/her spouse) is providing, then it may be necessary to have your order reviewed and ultimately modified by the Court.  Please call 1-877-631-9973 to discuss this issue with your assigned caseworker.

I’m concerned that moving forward with child support may put me or my child in danger.  What should I do?

  • Your safety and the safety of your children is always our first concern.  Anyone who applies for child support or paternity services will be asked about this potential problem.  If you are concerned about this possibility, please let us know (you can always call 1-877-631-9973 for this).  Each case is reviewed on its own set of facts to determine if “good cause” exists for us to stop pursuing child support. 
  • If you have immediate concerns about your safety or that of your children, please contact law enforcement immediately.  You can also contact the Nebraska Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-876-6238.

What’s the age of emancipation in Nebraska?

  • Children in Nebraska legally become adults at age 19, and that’s when child support orders typically end in the state of Nebraska.

Frequently Asked Questions