Sarpy County

Adoption Issues

The District Court of the Second Judicial District of Nebraska, including Sarpy County, has promulgated the following rule relating to adoptions and their effect on existing child support orders:


RULE 2-7 

Consents to Adoption

(1) Applications for an order consenting to adoption of children subject to jurisdiction of the court must be accompanied by a photocopy or duplicate original of all relinquishments and consents to adoption as required by law. Attorneys should note that in case of abandonment or other situations where one or both of the natural parents are unable to consent, substitute consents are required.

(2) Any delinquent support payments remain a judgment against the party ordered to pay such support, unless a receipt or satisfaction is filed by the party to whom the support is due.

(3) Upon completion of the adoption proceedings, an appropriate motion shall be filed together with a proposed order terminating all future support as of the date of the adoption decree. The motion and proposed order shall be accompanied by a copy of the adoptive decree.

Adopted effective January 29, 2000.

Miscellaneous Forms

Remember when using any of the forms to examine and print all the pages of that particular form.

All orders are subject to court approval! You must comply with the Rules of the District Court in all Pleadings!  Below is a link to the Nebraska Supreme Court self-help website.  They offer forms for a variety of situations.

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