Emergency Management

Sarpy County

Emergencies occur daily. They include vehicle accidents, fire and rescue calls -- at school, the workplace and in the home. Communications between law enforcement, fire/ems, and public works agencies are critical in these emergency situations. 

Disasters can deprive people of the basic necessities of life -- things like food, shelter, health or the ability to continue earning a living. In a matter of minutes disasters can devastate an entire community.

Much can, and must be done to prevent or reduce the impact of disasters. As outlined in our mission statement and in our vision for the future, the Sarpy County Emergency Management Agency works to reduce risks, strengthen support systems, and help people in our community prepare for and cope with disasters.

Please visit our pages and get to know our staff, our services, the hazards present in Sarpy County, and how you can prepare yourself to best respond to emergencies and disasters.

The Sarpy County Emergency Management Agency operates under the direction of Director Lynn Marshall.  Additionally, the EOC (Emergency Operation Center) is maintained in a state of readiness for daily operations as well as emergent situations that require an IC/EOC interface. 

Our Department works with many of the local, state and Federal programs and projects that need our constant attention for compliance.  Planning, Exercise, and Training are three areas we  continually work with to support Public Safety Response preparedness that employs the whole community concept for a more disaster resilient community during emergencies and disasters.

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