SSAS Division

Sarpy County

Specialized Substance Abuse Supervision Program (SSAS Program) serves to address both public safety and the needs of felony offenders convicted of drug offenses; to reduce the rate of incarceration of convicted drug offenders and reduce the rate of technical parole and probation violations resulting in incarceration.  

SSAS Location

7511 S. 36th Street, Suite #9
Bellevue, NE  68147

(402) 593-2346

(402) 934-3498

SSAS Coordinator

Melanie Berry
SSAS Coordinator

SSAS Officers

Kelsi Bouray
Probation Officer

Nicole Mercer 
Senior Officer

Chris Hicks
Probation Officer

Aaron Rickett
Senior  Officer

Jonelle Walter
Assistant Probation Officer

Support Staff

Jayne O'Connell

Libby Finochiaro

Cindy Francois