Wastewater Agency Resolutions

Sarpy County

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2019-020 Resolution Authorizing Chair and Treasurer to act on behalf of Board.pdf
2019-019 Resolution Approving Midwest Right of Way Proposal for Services.pdf
2019-018 Resolution Approving HDR Task Order No 3 Amendment.pdf
2019-017 Resolution Authorizing Soft Market Testing.pdf
2019-016 Resolution Approving OPPD PILOT Agreement.pdf
2019-015 Resolution Approving Professional Audit Services Agreement with BerganKDV.pdf
2019-014 Revised Resolution Approving and Authorizing the Chair of the Agency Board to Execute the Interlocal Agreement for the OPPD PILOT Fees.pdf
2019-013 Resolution Approving Agency Rates.pdf
2019-012 Resolution Approving EY Statement of Work for FY 2019 2020 Date Added.pdf
2019-011 Resolution Approving Task Order No. 3 for HDR Enginerring Services Amended Map.pdf
2019-010 Resolution Approving SOW for EY Phase 2 Pre-Procurement for Wastewater Agency.pdf
2019-009 Resolution Approving HDR Task Order 2 Amendment for Wastewater Agency.pdf
2019-008 Resolution Approving FY 2019-2020 Budget for Wastewater Agency.pdf
2019-007 Resolution Approving NDEQ SRF Loan Agreement.pdf
2019-006 Resolution Approving the Amended Sarpy County and Cities Wastew....pdf
2019-005 Fully executed 2nd Amendment for Contribution Reimbursement.pdf
2019-004 Resolution Approving Jurisdiction and GMP for Wastewater Agency.pdf
2019-003 Resolution Establishing a Finance Committee.pdf
2019-002 Resolution Receiving and Accepting the Draft Base Case Financial Results from Advisor Ernst & Young Infrastructure Advisors, LLC.pdf
2019-001 Resolution Reappointing the Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary.pdf

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