Frequently Asked Questions

Sarpy County

Hours of Operation

The Motor Vehicles division is open from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.
The Real Estate/Property Tax division is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday-Friday.

Payment options

We are able to accept cash, check, debit or credit cards in payment for your vehicle.  There is a $2.95 fee for a debit card or a 2.49% fee for credit cards. A prepaid card is treated as a credit card.

Renew your vehicle online

You may use your credit card or an E-check to renew you vehicle online.  The link is on the left side of this page.  There is a fee charged by the third party provider who provides the web site that processes your renewal.  The fee is 3% for a credit card or $3 for an E-check. Click here to renew your vehicle registration.

Avoid fake DMV websites

An increasing number of people have fallen victim to fake DMV websites. These websites illegally collect personal information, credit card numbers and money while posing as a representative of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles. Click here to learn more

Proof of Insurance

You must have current proof of insurance to register a vehicle, showing the vehicle VIN number, date of issue, and the month of expiration. If you don' t have this card, have it faxed to us prior to your arrival. It sometimes takes 30+ minutes for some companies to get it to us. There is no requirement for proof of insurance on trailers, boats, or snowmobiles. Evidence of insurance may be provided in paper or electronic format.  If provided electronically, you assume liability for the device.  Nebraska law 60-387.01


I just moved, what do I need to do? 

Please select the following link:   What do I need to do if I moved (detailed list for new residents and current residents?

Fax - New purchases (402) 593-4360 (new purchase & titles window)

Fax - Renewals (402) 593-4438 (renewals and refunds window)



If you sell, trade, wreck, or junk a vehicle, or terminate a lease; keep your pink registration and plates. Failure to bring in the registration and plates will result in a reduction in your refund.  Refunds must be issued within 60 days of title transfer. If sold in the month prior to registration expiration, there is no refund. Bring in your plates (one or both) and registration to obtain a refund.If you move to another state and register your vehicle there, you may also receive a refund. Send the Nebraska plates (one or both) and registration along with a copy of your new state registration for a refund. Please remit these items to:

Sarpy County Treasurer
1210 Golden Gate Drive 
Papillion NE 68046-2893


Sales Tax

In the city limits of Bellevue, Gretna and Springfield, the sales tax is 7 percent.  The Cities of Papillion and La Vista the sales tax is 7 1/2 percent.  It is 5 ½ percent in the rest of the county. Sales tax is charged on the purchase price minus trade in(s) and rebates.  Maintenance agreements, add ons, delivery charges, improvements, extended warranties and documentation fees are also subject to sales tax.



If you purchase a vehicle, pay the sales tax within 30 days (not one month) or expect to pay a late fee ($5.00 plus interest). You may pay the sales tax only without registering or titling the car. You may not register the car without paying all the taxes and fees due.



The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles issues handicap placards, which hang in your vehicle window. You can turn in the necessary paperwork at your nearest city hall or the Sarpy County Clerk's Office. Once the paperwork is submitted, the Nebraska DMV typically mails the cards within 5-10 business days.

Handicap plates are also issued by the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicle and get delivered to the Treasurer' s Office.  After the paperwork is recieved by the Nebraska DMV, the turnaround time is about 4-6 weeks.  

A doctor's certification form must be filled out and submitted to the state for approval in either case, prior to receiving the placard or plates. Forms may be downloaded here.


Message Plates

Message/prestige plates are ordered from the state. They are $40.00 per year, in addition to all other fees. Forms to order are available from the Treasurer' s office or may be Specialty Plate Application Form. Order 6 to 8 weeks prior to renewal to avoid additional fees. Check/Click on the Nebraska DMV web site concerning message availability.  Already know what you want and would like to check availability and order online with a credit card.  Go to the Nebraska DMV message/Husker plate ordering website. If you do not wish to retain your message plates you must bring in one or both plates to be reissued county plates.


Spirit Plates

(Nebraska Cornhusker) Spirit plates are ordered from the state. They are $70.00 per year, in addition to all the other fees and applicable taxes. Forms to order are available from the Treasurer' s Office, or may be Specialty Plate Application Form. Spirit plates can now also be ordered with a message or the traditional state issued numbers. Check on the NEBRASKA DMV web site concerning message availability. Order 6 to 8 weeks prior to renewal of existing plates to avoid additional plate changing fees. This application should then be mailed to: State of Nebraska, MV Dept, PO Box 94789, Lincoln NE 68509-4789.  If you would like to check availability and order online using a credit card, just go to the Nebraska DMV message/Husker plate ordering website. If you do not wish to retain your spirit plates you must bring in one or both plates to be reissued county plates.


Gold Star Plates

Beginning January 1, 2010, gold star plates are available to families of persons who have died while in good standing on active duty in the military service of the United States.  They are $40.00 per year if a message is placed on the plate or $5.00 per year if a randomly selected number is on the plate.  Information and applications are available at: Gold Star Plate information. If you do not wish to retain your gold star plates you must bring in one or both plates to be reissued county plates.


Organizational License Plates (new in 2010, LB 110)

Beginning in January, 2010, organizations will have the opportunity to have their own organizational license plates.  Any non-profit organization, whose primary activity is to serve the community, contribute to the welfare of others and are not offensive or discriminatory, may submit a request to the Nebraska DMV for the creation of a specialty license plate that contains their name and/or logo. If your local organization does not have enough members it could be a plate recognizing the group all over the state such as a Volunteer Fire Fighters Plate or a plate recognizing a group such as Kiwanis or Rotary.  These plates will cost $70 annually.  Initial application must include 500 pre-paid specialty  plate applications.  These plates will not be handed out until 2011 with the issuance of the new license plate design. Additional details and applications are available at: DMV organizational license plates.


Military Honor Plates

Beginning in January 2016, active duty military members and veterans will be able to display Military Honor Plates representing their branch of service.  Applications are now available and will require the person to have already registered with the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs.  Please see the state web site for more information. 

Veterans who have served in more than one branch of the service and have registered their varied service with the Department of Veteran's Affairs can choose a plate from one branch or multiple branches if they so choose.  In any and all cases, thank you for your service.


Single License Plate Option

Beginning January 1, 2017, one license plate may be issued, upon request. for any passenger car which is not equipped with a bracket on the front of the vehicle to display a license plate. A license decal shall be issued with the license plates and shall be displayed on the driver's side of the windshield. In order to request a single license plate and license decal, there shall be an additional annual nonrefundable registration fee of $50 plus the cost of the decal paid to the county treasurer at the time of registration. We advise you to put the sticker in the upper left corner of your window so it is visible in the winter if there is snow on your car.  You will receive a new decal every year when you renew your single plate registration.  If at any time you want to put a bracket on your vehicle and go back to two plates you will have to surrender the single plate and receive a new set of plates.  If you have a specialty plate it will be retained and we will order a second plate from the state.  This option is not available on a truck.  With this option you will not be able to renew your registration online.  It must be processed in person or by mail.

Bill of Sale

It is a good idea to use a bill of sale when buying or selling a vehicle.  It provides evidence that a transfer of ownership has taken place.  The following link will provide you with a courtesy  Bill Of Sale provided by DMV.  This specific bill of sale does not have to be used and does not have to be notarized.  Of course, having it notarized provides evidence that the signatures are valid.  In any case, we require the buyer to provide a bill of sale, signed by the seller, prior to registering a vehicle.   You can also obtain a Nebraska Form 6 sales and use tax form from any county treasurer which can be used instead of a bill of sale.  In the event that the transaction is suspect we reserve the right to require a notarized bill of sale prior to registration.




Vehicle Inspection

Preowned or previously titled vehicles purchased outside Nebraska, (or you have moved to Nebraska), must be inspected to verify accurate VIN numbers. Fee: $10.00. Office located at the east side of the courthouse. Parking is available for this inspection, near the southeast corner. Some out of state lenders or dealers require an instate title be issued even though they may be selling a new car to someone who lives in Nebraska.  Therefore you will have an out of state title on your new car and it must be inspected.



Present title to the County Treasurer (title and purchase window) to be processed. If you received a postcard from the Treasurer, present it instead. Fees are $10.00 to $17.00. $10.00 TITLE fee, $7.00 LIEN notation (signed security agreement showing name of lienholder and vehicle used as collateral is required), $14.00 Duplicate title (or spoiled)



Your vehicle property tax will be computed by the treasurer. Property tax is computed based on the original MSRP (manufacturers suggested retail price) and a tax table which is then reduced/depreciated based on the age of the vehicle.



Sales tax, personal property tax, tire tax, title fee, and plate fee will be collected by the treasurer.. Tire tax is $1.00 per tire on new tires.



Plate transfers: bring your old registration, your credit will be subtracted from your fees. Credit for trades must be obtained within 60 days or we cannot issue the credit. See refunds above. A credit is a better thing to do rather than a refund because it will save you money.




Leased Car Information

Leased vehicles domiciled in Nebraska must be registered and titled in Nebraska. Non-resident Military personnel stationed and living in Nebraska should refer to the military registration section below.  Sales tax on leased vehicles is usually part of the monthly lease payments and is rarely paid at the time of registration.  Normal registration fees at the Treasurer' s office include plates/registration and assessed property tax.  If you buy out your lease (purchase the car) you are required to pay sales tax on the purchased price and reregister your car in your name, without the leasing company on the title and registration. If you fail to pay the sales tax within 30 days of buyout you will incur significant penalties at the time of proper registration.


Estimate The Taxes Due On A Vehicle

The State of Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles has a web site which will give you an estimate of what you owe on a new purchase or on a renewal.  You WILL need the VIN (vehicle identification number) of the vehicle to use this system.  You may also obtain a renewal quote by following the instructions on the screen.  It will add in a plate fee which can be ignored if you already have alpha-numeric plates.  Please visit their web site at DMV Nebraska online vehicle tax estimator.  If you do not have the VIN number or do not wish to use the site you may call us at 402-593-2143.




Motor Vehicle Renewals ONLY:

Renewal and refund window. Bring proof of insurance, your old registration, and the renewal letter you were mailed.  Proof of insurance is the one thing we must have. We do not need your renewal notice or your registration to renew your car, it's just easier on both of us.    Did you know most people can now register online for a nominal fee.  Please click on the link on the side of the page.

If you are a business with a large number of vehicles (generally exceeding 20), you may be asked to leave your transactions, depending on the time of day or month.  That we can process your registrations and continue to wait on the public in a timely manner.  If you call ahead we can arrange a convenient time which will allow us to process your work as you wait.  Please call (402-593-2152) to arrange an appointment.  Of course your work can also be done by mail if that is more convenient.

Moved?: Previous Nebraska registration, go to the renewal and refund window;  from out of state, see "registering a newly purchased vehicle" above. Procedures are the same. There is no sales tax if previously properly registered in another state.


Active Duty, Non-Resident Military Personnel Stationed in Nebraska

An active duty military servicemember, stationed in Nebraska,  with a state of residency other than Nebraska, does not pay personal property tax on vehicles registered in Nebraska.  Plates/registration fees are generally $30.25 for a car, $33.25 for a truck. There is no motor vehicle tax on owned or leased vehicles. However, (if this is a new purchase) you will be required to pay sales tax as part of the registration process. You are not exempt from any fees nor sales tax.  (NOTE: Keep your copy of the sales tax form. You may need it at your next assignment.)  

Active Duty non-resident military personnel and/or spouses must produce a current end of month Leave and Earnings Statement (within last two months) and the military ID card of the member or the dependent ID card of their spouse, to claim non-resident status. Your LES must reflect a state of residence other than Nebraska (NE).   If these documents are not available we will accept a letter, on letterhead paper, from your commander, the base JAG or the finance office attesting to your state of legal residence. 

If you are moving from another state we will need your old registration.  You do not have to get a Nebraska title.

If the vehicle is coming from overseas without a stateside issued title, you must get a Nebraska title issued first.  If the vehicle has a stateside title you do not need to get it retitled in Nebraska unless required by your lender. If the vehicle was registered overseas and all foreign fees and taxes were paid at the time of registration you may not have to pay sales tax here, if appropriate documentation is provided. Please refer to this link to review the documents you must provide:  Imported Vehicles from Outside the U.S.


New York Residents - Military Personnel

If you purchase and register a vehicle in Nebraska and then return to New York with that vehicle they will charge you sales tax in addition to what you paid here.  This applies if you are stationed there or returning to New York after military service. Therefore check with New York DMV prior to registering your purchased vehicle.


Commercial Vehicles

Every commerical motor vehicle used in interstate commerce needs a U.S. DOT (Department of Transportation) number.  For more information please visit here:  DOT Web Page 


Registration Weight On Commercial Vehicles

The registration fee for commercial trucks is based upon the gross weight.  The gross weight (tonnage) is the sum of the empty weight of the trucks and any commercial trailer plus the weight of the maximum load to be carried at any on time.  So the truck, trailer and load added together determines your registration weight.  Round up to the next highest tonnage. 

All applicants for registration of vehicles with a declared gross vehicle weight of 55,000 pounds (28 tons) or more must present proof of payment of Federal Heavy Vehicles Use Tax to the IRS.  Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Form  Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Information


Alternative Fuels

Every person registering a motor vehicle designed or modified to be propelled in whole by alternative fuel shall obtain from the department an annual alternative fuel user permit for each motor vehicle propelled by alternative fuel. A person shall obtain all required alternative fuel user permits within thirty days of becoming an alternative fuel user. This permit is presently $75.00 per year.

Alternative fuel shall include electricity, solar power, and any other source of energy not otherwise taxed under the motor fuel laws which is used to power a motor vehicle. The term shall not include motor vehicle fuel as defined in Nebraska statutes section 66-482, diesel fuel as defined in section 66-482, or compressed fuel as defined in section 66-6,100;

Anyone using a total alternative fuel driven vehicle should contact the Nebraska Department of Reveneue, Motor Fuel Tax Section at 402-471-5730. 


Utility Vehicles/Slow Speed Vehicles/Golf Carts/ATV

In the last few years laws have changed on the operation and use of various vehicles. Different rules apply to each type of vehicle.  A handout that discusses the different vehicles and their use may be viewed at  Vehicles, ATVs, Slow Speed Vehicles, Golf Carts. Please note that a utility vehicle is not a slow speed vehicle.

You may also view the Nebraska DMV web page which discusses the various types of vehicles at:  Nebraska DMV Information




I bought a vehicle what do I need to bring?

A comprehensive list may be viewed at  What do I need to bring? 


I just moved to Nebraska, what do I need to do about my vehicles/drivers' license?

A list of things to review are at  What do I do first?


I am a Nebraska resident. I want to renew my car license plates. What documents do you need to see?

Proof of Insurance and either current registration or renewal notice. Proof of insurance is the only mandatory item.  Proof of your insurance is usually in our computers but not always.  Therefore we always recommend you bring proof.  We can accept proof of insurance on your latest technology/IPhone/android/etc.  


I am moving. What do I need to do?  This includes out of state as well as within Nebraska.

If you are arriving from out of state, take your vehicle and title to Vehicle Inspections for VIN inspection. The fee is $10.00. If you have a lien on the car (e.g. bank has title), you will need to request the title from your lien holder before you can go any further. Go to our forms section to fill out our form and request your title,  Customer Request for out of state title. They will send the title to us and we will send you a postcard informing you that it has arrived and to bring in your vehicle for inspection.  After the vehicle has been inspected you can proceed to the Treasurer's Office for titling and registration.  If you already have the title go to the County Treasurer's office (window 1) where you will obtain a new title. The car will then be assessed and you will receive your plates/registration from the Treasurer's office.  A more comprehensive and detailed list for new residents and people who moved can be viewed at  I just moved, what do I need to do?


Where do we obtain "In Transit" stickers or signs?

Only dealers are authorized to provide "In Transit" signs. Nebraska dealers will provide them at purchase. If you purchased your car from other than a Nebraska dealer, keep the title, proof of insurance, and bill of sale with you when you are driving. You have 30 days to obtain plates from the date of purchase. In Transits cannot be renewed past the original 30 days. The State informs us that handmade "In Transits" are not legal even though you may see them on the street.


I'm selling a vehicle, how do I sign off on the title?  

Transfer ownership of a vehicle with examples 


I lost my renewal card, do I need it?

No, it is not required.


I am moving to Sarpy County from another Nebraska county. What do I need to do?

Nothing until it is time to renew your plates. At that time, bring in your current registration, proof of insurance, and we will load you in the computer as a Sarpy County citizen. Be aware of your vehicle expiration. You will not get a renewal card from us but could get one forwarded from your previous county. PLEASE check Drivers License requirements for change of address (they are different)


I lost my registration and/or plates. How do I replace them?

Come in and we will produce a new registration for $6.50 or a new set of plates and registration for $14.50.


I lost my stickers. What do I do?

We can mail a new set or you can come in and pick them up after we verify the currency of your registration.


I just separated/retired from the military. How long do I have before I register as a resident?

30 days from your retirement or separation date. The intent to leave the state at some time in the future does not change this requirement.  If you do not have a Nebraska title for your vehicle, you will have to obtain one prior to registration as a Nebraska resident.  The process is basically the same as moving in from out of state.


I'm military. Why do I have to show my LES?

It demonstrates to us your state of legal residence which allows you to register your personally owned vehicle at the non-resident rate. If your LES says Nebraska then you are not eligible to register as a non-resident and this does not apply.  If you have a leased vehicle you will also have to produce an LES unless you are a Nebraska resident.




What are the fees for a Nebraska title?

$10.00 TITLE fee, $7.00 LIEN notation (signed security agreement showing name of lienholder and vehicle used as collateral required), $14.00 Duplicate title (or spoiled), $1.00 Notary fee for duplicate application.


What vehicles need a federal odometer statement?

Vehicles that are 10 model years old or newer. Currently 2003 to present.  The odometer statement is part of the title document.


My vehicle has an out-of-state title, does it need to be inspected in order to register it?

Yes, unless you are non-resident military (then see below).


I am moving in from another state, what do I need to obtain Nebraska plates?

Original out-of-state title, proof of insurance, vehicle inspection ticket, and security agreement (if lien).


I am a non-resident (military) and have another state title and registration, do I need to change to a Nebraska title?

No, you will need proof of registration, insurance, Military ID, and the last end-of-month L.E.S. statement so that we can register your non-resident vehicle.


What does the vehicle inspection entail?

Only the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) is checked to ensure that it matches the title. The VIN is also checked for stolen vehicles.


What is the fee for an inspection?



Does Nebraska require a notary to transfer title?

No, not since July 16, 1994.


Are the vehicle inspectors open the same hours as your office?

No, they close fifteen minutes earlier than we do.


Is vehicle inspection in the same building as the County Treasurer?

Yes, it is located on the southeast side of the main courthouse about forty feet east of the Treasuer's Office..  There is VIN parking on the very east side of the building.


My title reads "OR/AND OR". Do both of us have to sign-off the title?

Yes, Nebraska requires signatures of ALL persons listed as owners to transfer ownership.


What is required to note a lien?

A signed copy of the security agreement or contract between buyer and lien holder and the $7.00 fee.


I have paid off my vehicle and the bank has sent me the title, do I need to do anything with the County Treasurer's office?

Yes, the original title must be brought in (or mailed in) to the County Treasurer's office for release. The title can be taken to any County Treasurer's office in the state for release of the lien. We will need to see the release on the face of the title or a notarized lien release from the lender.  There is no fee for lien release.


Do I need to change my title when I move from one county in Nebraska to another?

No, Nebraska titles are valid in any county in the state.


Can I pay for title and plates with my credit card?

No. Cash, local check, or money orders will be accepted.


I have signed-off a title on the wrong line, can I cross it out and sign on the correct line?

No, erasures or alterations VOID a Nebraska title. A spoiled (duplicate) must be issued.


Can I get a duplicate title from another county?

Yes, beginning January 2, 2003 you can obtain a duplicate Nebraska title in any county.


I have a lien on my out-of-state title, how can I register my vehicle?

We need the name and address of your lien holder and the vehicle registration or you can fill out the request at our web page Customer Request For Out of State Title. If you provide us with the information we will send for the original title and security agreement.  If you use the Customer Request For Out of State Title form, then you mail it directly to your lien holder.  Upon receipt of this paperwork you will be send a post card notifying you that the vehicle must be inspected. The Nebraska title will be issued and sent back to the lien holder. A licensing copy will be available for you to obtain your plates. There is a $17.00 title/lien notation fee.


Can my lien holder fax a copy of my title to issue the new Nebraska title?

No, the original documents are needed to issue a new Nebraska title.


I changed my name as a result of marriage, divorce, or etc. Do I need to change my title or registration?

Change as a result of divorce; the party receiving the vehicle should bring a copy of the divorce settlement and the old title and obtain a new title and registration.

If due to marriage it is up to the individual. However, to change the name on the registration requires that the title be changed also. Bring the old title and certified marriage license to obtain a new title and registration. If name is changed for another legal reason, bring in the certifying document for our review.


One of the owners on the vehicle is deceased. Do I need to change the title or registration?

That is up to the remaining owner(s). However, to change the registration the title must be changed. Bring in the old title and death certificate to change the title and registration. 


Mail Title Desk Phone: 402/593-2108 
Fax: 402/593-4360 

Office is open to the public
8:00 a.m. - 4:45 p.m.
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.