Snow Removal Plan

Sarpy County

The Sarpy County Public Works Department is responsible for snow removal on all County Roadways and may provide snow removal on Dedicated Public Roads that lie within the County Sanitary Improvement Districts (SID’s) that are not part of any City. Generally, a SID will be a housing addition that has not been annexed by a City - such as Eagle Ridge. If you are not sure about being in a SID you can use the SID Lookup. After looking up a SID be sure to click the SID Number to display the detail of the SID (which may indicate if it was annexed by a City).        

Please be aware that Sarpy County has a Snow Emergency Policy:  Snow Emergency Ordinance
Map that is referred to in this ordinance:  Snow Emergency Map



General Snow Removal Information

  • County Hard Surface
    • 236 lane miles
  • County Gravel Roads 
    • 472 lane miles
  • SID’s (Residential)
    • 457 lane miles
  • Number of SID Cul-De-Sacs
    • 313

Plowing Snow 

In general the County hard surface and gravel roads will be cleared within 12 hours from the end of the storm depending on the amount of snow and any high winds and cold temperatures that may require a longer period of time.

County hard surface roads will be given the highest priority and plowed first next will be roads leading to schools within the SID’s. We have assigned snow removal routes for our drivers and each driver is responsible for the completion of their route. 



After all of the County Hard Surface roads have been plowed and sanded the plows will start to go into the SID’s and make at least two passes on all streets to open them to two way traffic.  There will be times that a street is inadvertently missed, however it will be cleared when our crews do their final cleanup.  After that depending on the amount and duration of the snow event the plows will either push the snow back to the curb or possibly wait until the next day to go curb to curb. The first priority after a storm is to open all streets to traffic as soon as possible. 


Rural Gravel Roads

In general after 2” of snow has fallen the Motor-Graders will begin plowing rural gravel roads and will make one pass over all rural roads the during the snow event. After the snow has ended the Motor-Graders will go back over the roads and re-plow and widen them.  


Driveways and Sidewalks

Unfortunately, while clearing the streets, driveways can become plugged and sidewalks covered with snow. Crews have no place other than the side of the street to put the snow. Manpower and budgets do not allow for the clearing of driveways and sidewalks. 


Parked Cars

Parked cars can be both a hazard and a hindrance to snow removal efforts. To allow the crews to do the best possible job, owners should move their cars off the streets and cul-de-sacs before the snowplows arrive. 



It is the property owners responsibility to clear snow from a mailbox. When plowing snow, mailboxes are sometimes unavoidably blocked by the operation. 


Blowing Snow onto the street

Blowing snow onto the street after the street has been cleared causes a hazard to the motoring public and is not an acceptable practice. 


Reporting a Road Issue

If you have a Sarpy County Road Issue you can report it on this page.


Other Snow Removal Contact Information

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