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Sarpy County

Records Management



Public Records/Data

Public Record Request

Internal Use  (Sarpy County Employees ONLY)

Transfer Records to the Records Center

  • Fill out a  Box Content Form for each box and place it into its corresponding box.  We also encourage departments to provide content LISTS for each box (  Content List EXAMPLE ). Email and include the number of boxes you would like transferred to the records center and any content LISTS you created.  The Records Management department will submit a work order to have the boxes picked up and delivered to the Records Center.
    • Please do not write on the outside of boxes.
    • Folders should be placed upright so all tabs are visible.
    • Do not over-pack boxes.  Leave approximately 1-2 inches of empty space to allow for easy access.  If additional files will be added at a later time determine the appropriate amount of space that should be left to allow for the files.
    • Include only one record series per box.  A record series is a group of related records that should be retained for a similar length of time.

Request Records

  • Send a request to .  Please include the title of the document you are requesting in the subject line and any other important information in the body of the email.  A staff member will respond when the record is ready to be picked up.  When requesting an entire box of records a work order will be submitted to have it delivered to your office.  If you do not recieve a response within 30 minutes please contact the records department by phone. *IF you are requesting a record that belongs to another department you MUST contact that department & have them submit the request to us*
Order Boxes
  • Email & include the number of boxes you need.  The records staff will submit a work order to have the boxes delivered to you.


Permanently Remove Records


Request Scanning Services

  • Scanning services are offered to all departments within the County at no cost.  Contact the Records Management department to request services.

Dispose of Records

  • The Records Management department offers annual secure shredding for records stored in the Records Center that have met their required retention.  A destruction form will be sent to each department that includes records due for destruction.  *no records will be destroyed unless signed off on by the department*