Get in Line at the Treasurer's Office

Sarpy County

The Sarpy County Treasurer's Office has implemented a virtual check-in system that will eliminate the need to stand in line and help reduce wait times. You can join the line for motor vehicle services (titles, refunds, boat/ATV, address change, prestige plates) or vehicle registration renewal (tags) from anywhere using one of the following methods:

Check in online -
• Text "sarpy" to 402-403-6697
• Use the QLess app for iPhone/iPad or Android
• Check in on an onsite kiosk - 5 touchscreen kiosks available at the Treasurer's Office

When checking in, you will need to enter your cellphone number as well as your first and last name. Cellphones aren't required if you are using the onsite kiosks.

Once you check in, you will receive a text message with your estimated wait time, followed by notices that tell you when you are within 10 minutes from the front of the line and what window to report to when it's your turn.

Several television monitors at the Treasurer's Office display the status of the available lines. Look for last 4 digits of your cellphone number and your first name and last initial to see where you are in line. Treasurer's Office representatives will call your name when it's your turn. 

Need more time? You can reply "M" to request more time or "L" to leave the line.
example of text messages sent to an iphonejoin the line steps