Real Estate Taxes

Sarpy County

About your property taxes

Sarpy County real estate taxes are levied in arrears. For example, the 2018 taxes are levied at the end of 2018 and become due on the last day of December 2018.  They are normally payable in 2019 by whoever owns the property in 2019 and not by the people who owned it in 2018.  If you buy the property in the middle of 2019 you will normally pay one half of the "2018" taxes which are payable in 2019. Real estate taxes levied in arrears are not county policy, but are Nebraska State Law.   These monies were budgeted by all of the political entities at the end of the year to fund their budgets in 2019.

The first half of the 2018 taxes becomes delinquent April 1, 2019 and the second half August 1, 2019.  The term "due" only means you may pay them at the end of 2018 and claim them on your 2018 income tax return, if you itemize and you have consulted your tax advisor.  You can pay each half BEFORE April 1 and August 1 respectively without penalty. 

If you do not pay by the delinquent dates, interest will be computed and charged on a daily basis using an annual rate of fourteen percent.  Minimum payment is one half the years tax plus accrued delinquent interest.  Interest continues to accrue until full payment is made.  Failure to pay these taxes will result in the taxes being sold at tax sale in March of the following year. If the tax sale certificate is not redeemed it will eventually result in a foreclosure court action on your property and you can LOSE YOUR PROPERTY.

Only one tax statement is send out per year in approximately the middle of December.  

Please mark your calendar.  First half and second half reminder notices are NOT sent.

Property Tax Receipts

The Nebraska State Statutes were changed to help counties reduce ever increasing printing, mailing, and postage costs.  This law no longer requires the county to mail out property tax payment receipts. Your cancelled check will serve as your receipt for payment of taxes in the same manner as your power bill or phone bill.  You may also print your property tax receipt and/or statement online at:  Go to Sarpy County Property Lookup page ; enter your 9 digit parcel number or address in the appropriate box and follow the links to your real estate tax statement and receipts.  If you enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope we will mail you a receipt or if you come in person we will give you a receipt.  The Treasurer's Office is diligent in seeking avenues to save money and yet provide convenience to our taxpayers. This change will save the county over $10,000 per year in expenses.


Payment Options

We accept cash, check, debit card or credit card at the counter.  There is a 2.49% fee for using a credit card and a $2.95 fee for using a debit card. Some debit cards have daily limits which may restrict your ability to use your debit card to pay taxes.  Prepaid cards are treated as a credit card.

If you want to charge your taxes online (2.49% fee for credit or debit) or pay by e-check ($3) and skip the trip to the courthouse, select: Pay Online  If you pay online and there are not sufficient funds in your account to cover your e-check you will be charged an additional $25 for the insufficient funds processing.  If you do not enter your routing number and account number properly resulting in a failure to make the payment you will be charged an additional $10 charge back fee. 


Mortgage/Bank/Escrow Payments

If you have a mortgage company, bank, or escrow account paying your taxes, they seldom pay us direct.  Read the following to see how most banks really pay us:  Bulk Tax Payments by Escrow Accounts

If you pay your own taxes, have a recent purchase, or payoff the mortgage, do not assume that the years taxes are paid.

Would like to have my tax statement sent to a different address  

If you want your tax statement mailed to a different address please advise the county assessor at the following link:   They will then update your address for future statements.