County Benefits

Sarpy County

The Sarpy County Veterans Service Office provides confidential counseling and assistance to Veterans, widows/widowers, and their dependents residing in Sarpy County concerning federal, state and local Veterans benefits and programs. We provide assistance with obtaining required documents and completion of and submission of applications for:

Filing DD 214(s)

  • Assist veterans with filing their DD 214(s) at the Sarpy County Clerks Office. The original Member Copy, Page 4, which has the characterization of service on it or a certified copy may be placed on file. The original document is returned with a stamp listing the book and page where it is filed. The record is kept in a vault area with limited, controlled employee-only access. DD 214s and/or discharge documents are not a matter of public record. The only items input into a computer database is name, book and page numbers where it is filed and date filed.
  • Online requests for DD214(s) can be made by following the link provided. Requests may take up to 90 days or longer. Make an online request to the National Personnel Records Office.


County Veterans Aid Fund (CVA)

  • Applications taken for unforeseen emergency expenditures to include utilities, food, and shelter only.
    • Eligibility requirements include:
      • Character of military service must be Honorable or General (Under Honorable Conditions) and
      • Active duty service during one of the Wartime periods listed in Nebraska Revised Statute 80-401.01 and
      • Residency in Nebraska for the past two (2) years and
      • Proof of residency in Sarpy County for six (6) months immediately prior to submitting an application for CVA and
      • Provide evidence all other options for aid or resources have been exhausted


Bronze Flag Holder

  • For Veterans interned in a Sarpy County cemetery, we may issue a bronze war-period specific flag holder to next of kin to be placed at the deceased Veteran's grave site.
    • Required documents include:
      • Evidence of military service such as a DD 214 or statement of service that includes branch, dates and character of service and
      • Death certificate that includes date and place of burial or cremation and
      • Name of cemetery and location of grave site and
      • Completion of a Flag Holder Application is required​


Homestead Exemption Applications & Certification Letters

  • The Nebraska homestead exemption program is a real estate property tax relief program for five categories of homeowners:
    1. Qualified owner-occupants age 65 and over
    2. Veterans disabled by a non-service-connected accident or illness
    3. Disabled individuals
    4. Veterans drawing 100% service-connected disability from the Department of Veterans Affairs or the un-remarried widow(er)
    5. Paraplegic veteran or multiple amputee whose home value was substantially contributed too by the Department of Veterans Affairs

There are both income limitations and home valuation limitations for all categories, except for a disabled veteran or widow(er) whose home has been substantially contributed to by the Department of Veterans Affairs (#5). If a VA certification letter is required, the Sarpy County Veterans Service Office will assist you with your request as well as assistance in completing the application.

Homestead Exemption Application


Military Personnel Records & Service Medical Records Requests

  • Veterans' personnel files are stored at the National Archives and Records Administration located in St. Louis, MO. Click the link Military Records for information on how to request these records online.

    We can assist you by submitting an electronic request and faxing your signature verification page. Allow 60-90 days for a response from the NPRC before contacting the Records Center with a second request.

You may request your records by mail, complete and submit your signed/dated  SF 180 to the National Personnel Records Center:

National Personnel Records Center
Military Personnel Records
1 Archives Drive
St. Louis, MO 63138
Phone: 314-801-0800
Fax your SF 180 to 314-801-9195


Veterans Preference Letter, Veterans 10-Point Preference Form requests

  • Veterans in receipt of VA disability compensation can request a preference letter by calling 1-800-827-1000 or logging onto your eBenefits Account.
    • Standard Form 15 (SF15) is the  Veterans 10-Point Preference Form and a copy of your DD 214 will give you five (5) points. A Veterans Preference Letter showing you are a disabled Veteran will give you another five (5) points, for a total of ten (10) points.


Home Visits

  • Sarpy County Veterans Service Office staff may visit care facilities and housebound Veterans when requested if Veteran's health prevents visiting our office or transportation is not available. During these visits, we provide counseling and assistance in completing benefit applications.


Medals Requests

  • Requests for issuance or replacement of military award medals. The following information is necessary when completing a request.
  • Full name of the Veteran during service and
    • Exact or approximate dates of military service
    • A copy of the discharge or separation document (DD214), if available, and
    • Service number and/or Social Security number and
    • Branch of Service and

Click the link below to discover how these requests are completed.

Medals Requests



  • Referrals are made to social service agencies and other veteran-specific services.

To file for state unemployment benefits, or discuss job opportunities, click the link to find out how to apply through the Nebraska Workforce Development.